Nirvana Super™ Water Wins NEXTY Award

Nirvana Super™ Water Wins NEXTY Award

Nirvana Super™ Water brings home another trophy! We are thrilled to announce Nirvana Super™ Water - Cucumber Lime has been named the winner of the 2023 NEXTY Award for the Best New Functional Food or Beverage.

This category specifically highlights foods and beverages that seek to support wellness by harnessing functional ingredients. Nirvana Super™ Waters are infused with a proprietary formulation of HMB, vitamin D3, and electrolytes, clinically proven to improve muscle function, recovery, strength, and lean muscle mass, enhance hydration, and more!

There were 69 total finalists selected from hundreds of entrants across the 20 categories for these prestigious awards. The winners were announced at Natural Products Expo East on September 21st at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

This is the second victory Nirvana Super™ Water has had in 2023. Nirvana Super™ Water was named the Best Functional Drink at the 2023 Zenith InnoBev Awards, and now adds Best New Functional Food or Beverage from the 2023 NEXTY Awards.

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