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Post-Workout Drinks For Rehydration and Recovery

When Water Isn’t Enough: Post-Workout Drinks For Rehydration and Recovery

You’ve just finished an excellent workout and you worked up a sweat as a result. Now, it’s time to rehydrate and recover with the right post-workout drink! 

Yes, drinking water is one of the most important ways to stay hydrated. However, when it comes to post-workout recovery, water alone isn’t enough. So what components should I look for in a post-workout drink? 

Why your post-workout drink matters so much

In addition to the workout itself, post-workout nutrition can play an important role in helping you recover and progress, here’s why:


One of the most obvious benefits of getting enough fluids after your workout is to rehydrate. When you work out hard, you’re losing valuable nutrients in your sweat, including water and electrolytes. Choosing a high-quality post-workout drink can help you replenish all of those lost nutrients, not just water, so that your body can function at its best for the rest of the day.

    Muscle recovery

    Your muscles have been pushed to the limit during your workout, so they need nutrients to rebuild, including: fluids to carry nutrients throughout the body, carbohydrates to replenish energy stores, and protein to rebuild your muscle tissues.

      Temperature regulation

      Sweat is how your body cools down, when temperatures rise, so replenishing fluids and electrolytes are critical to regulating body temperature. It’s especially important when training in hot or humid conditions. 

        The Best Post-Workout Drinks For Rehydration and Recovery

        Nirvana Super™ Shots

        All the nutrients that your body needs to recover in one shot! Nirvana Super™ Shots are formulated to help athletes with every aspect of recovery, from maximizing protein synthesis to increasing performance. Some of the key ingredients found in these shots include: 

        • myHMB® Clear, an innovative and multi-patented formulation that is clinically proven to maximize protein synthesis, reduce muscle soreness, improve muscle recovery time, and build lean muscle mass after your workout is done. 
        • B-complex Vitamins to support your natural energy production, red blood cell production, and contribute to a healthy nervous system and DNA synthesis for overall wellness. 
        • Vitamin D3 to support healthy bones, muscles, and immunity. 
        • Calcium to support muscle and bone health. Calcium is also an electrolyte, which means that it can help support regular muscle function and help with exercise-induced muscle cramps! 

        Nirvana Super™ Shots come in both caffeinated and stimulant-free options, so you can use them throughout the day, depending on your needs. 

        Nirvana Super™ Water

        If you’re looking for the ultimate rehydrating drink to support your muscle recovery, look no further than Nirvana Super™ Waters! Made with pure Adirondack Mountain spring water and available in three refreshing flavors, these waters are a perfect drink for recovery and rehydration

        Not only do Nirvana Super™ Waters contain the myHMB® Clear formulation and Vitamin D3 to support muscle recovery and function, but they also contain electrolytes to help you rehydrate and prevent muscle cramps no matter how intense your workout was. 

        Nirvana Super™ Seltzers

        Add a fizzy pep to your step with Nirvana Super™ Seltzers! These delicious and effervescent drinks are formulated with athletes in mind. They feature myHMB® Clear for muscle support, caffeine for energy and focus, and calcium for hydration and muscle/bone support. Nirvana Super™ Seltzers also include Vitamin D3, which supports your muscles, bones, and immune system, as well as B-complex vitamins for natural energy and overall wellness. 

        More ideas for staying hydrated after a workout 

        In addition to boosting your hydration and recovery with a Nirvana Super™ beverage, you can increase your hydration by following these tips. 

        Incorporate water-rich foods to your post-workout meal

        Water and sports drinks aren’t your only options for rehydrating — you can also get water and minerals from the foods you eat! In addition to protein and healthy carbs, try incorporating water-rich fruits and vegetables into your post-workout meal plan. Some examples include:

        • Watermelon
        • Cantaloupes 
        • Cucumbers 
        • Berries 
        • Celery 
        • Grapefruit
        • Oranges 
        • Mandarins 

        Fill-up on water before you even hit the gym

        Post-workout hydration is necessary to replace all of the water lost while working out. However, you should drink plenty of fluids before your workout, so that your body has all of the nutrients and fluids it needs to carry you through your workout. The International Society Of Sports Nutrition recommends that athletes drink 500 mL of water or sports drinks the night before a big competition, another 500 mL first thing in the morning, then 400-600 mL about half an hour before exercising, to properly hydrate. They also recommend that athletes weigh themselves before and after a workout to determine how much fluid was lost during exercise, then drink about three cups of water for every pound lost to rehydrate. 

        Drink even if you don’t feel thirsty 

        Allegra Paris drinking Nirvana Spring Water

        You might not think about rehydration if you’re not feeling thirsty, however, it’s important to drink plenty of water and other fluids before, during and after a workout. Many health experts believe that feeling thirsty is already a sign of mild dehydration. 

        If you have a hard time remembering to drink water during and after your workouts, consider setting a timer on your phone or downloading an app that reminds you to drink at regular intervals. Additionally, get into the habit of taking a few swigs whenever you’re in between sets, so that you’re consistently hydrating.


        Water is definitely an important piece of the puzzle for staying hydrated. However, when you’re working out hard, it isn’t always enough. Look for rehydration drinks with extra support, like the Nirvana Super™ line, so you can give your body what it needs for optimal performance and recovery.

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