3 Benefits of Adding HMB to your Fitness Routine

Girl in a plank position doing dumbbell rows.

Fitness goals can be different for everyone, determined by lifestyle, age, and a whole host of other factors. One thing that is consistent in all humans is that no matter your fitness level, we achieve peak muscle mass at around age 30. While this is a natural part of aging, keeping your muscles healthy by including HMB (beta-hydroxyl beta-methlybuterate) to your daily routine can help you support body composition, muscle performance, and decrease muscle soreness at any age or activity level.

What is HMB? 

HMB is a byproduct of the leading branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), Leucine and has been in the spotlight of muscle wasting and recovery research for over 30 years. HMB has been proven an effective supplement for improving muscle health under a variety of external stressors, athletes, aging adults, dieters, active individuals and persons recovering from illness or injury. In fact, the beauty of HMB is that it performs best when stressors — such as strenuous exercise or injury — are introduced to the body. 

Body Composition

HMB is a byproduct of the leading branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), Leucine. It’s been studied for over 30 years and used mostly in the bodybuilding world for its muscle building benefits. However, it could support any person looking to enhance their body compositions even if muscle mass isn’t the goal. While HMB is clinically proven to boost protein synthesis, another major benefit is supporting fat loss when paired with resistance training. 

Scientific jargon aside, if you are regularly exercising, however that looks for you, you could enjoy the benefits of a leaner body or a more muscular body, by adding HMB to your daily routine. 

Muscle Performance

Our muscles are the biggest organ in our bodies and something we rely on for almost every basic bodily function. If you are the type of person that enjoys anerobic activities (those that require short bursts of energy) like jumping, sprinting, HIIT type training, or heavy weightlifting, you want to be sure that your muscles are healthy enough to support those things. HMB has been proven to support these activities but also more aerobic (most think cardio here) activities like running, rowing, and cycling. This was demonstrated in this 12-week study of elite rowers. 

The bottom line is that HMB may be a great option for anyone who is looking to get a little more out of their workouts, from HIIT to cycling.  

Decrease Muscle Soreness 

If you’ve done any type of fitness, from traditional workouts to odd jobs around the house, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced muscle soreness. Like it or not, it’s part of the human experience, and actually signals that you are but the great thing is that HMB has also been proven to decrease muscle soreness. You’ve probably also experienced delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS once or twice, too. 

Muscle soreness puts a real damper on things and studies have shown that making it a daily practice of taking 2-3g of HMB could help decrease muscle soreness. HMB simultaneously works to help repair muscle damage while building muscles in order to keep you feeling good. 

Check out how our athlete ambassadors integrate HMB intro their wellness routine.

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