What is HMB?

HMB (HydroxyMethylButyrate) is produced naturally as you metabolize leucine, which is an essential amino acid found in dietary protein. HMB works as a muscle guardian by reducing muscle breakdown, promoting growth and enhancing muscle recovery after workouts. It's like a superhero, swooping in to protect your hard-earned gains.

What's HMB Benefits?

HMB is one of the most researched (backed by dozens of studies and millions of dollars between the National Institute of Health, Vanderbilt University and Abbott Labs) and efficacious nutritional ingredients for muscle health, that no one knows about. We are bringing liquid HMB benefits to you and we’ve made it simple for you to get all the HMB your body craves to function optimally in the most efficiently absorbed form with Nirvana Super™, the ONLY HMB-infused water beverages at just 10 calories and 0 sugar!

what will hmb do for me?

"I get up quicker in the morning with less aches and pains..."

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what will hmb do for me?

"I recover more quickly so I can work out harder and get the results I want..."

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what will hmb do for me?

"I feel more energized and lighter (because I am actually lighter!)..."

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The consumption of 3g of myHMB® Clear for 12 weeks increased lean body mass by 250% (7.3kg) and strength by 200% when compared to placebo and resistance training alone.

(Wilson et al., 2014)

What is HMB is backed by?

30+ years of research

and more than 50 human studies and 40 review articles

Tens of $Millions

in funding has been allocated to studying the effects of HMB on the body by the NIH and Vanderbilt University.

$20M in development

to make HMB more bioavailable, a water-soluble format exclusively for Nirvana Super™

Promote muscle and bone health while you hydrate.