What is HMB?

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The Benefits of HMB

HMB Research

  • 30+ years of research
  • 50+ human studies and 40 review articles
  • Tens of $Millions in funding to study HMB
  • $20M in development to make myHMB®Clear

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Better Performance + Recovery

  • Reduces protein breakdown & muscle damage
  • With resistance training, HMB increases muscle mass & strength
  • Reduces muscle damage & soreness
  • Accelerates injury recovery & rehabilitation
  • Reduces post-workout recovery time

Improves Mobility + Stability

  • HMB reduces muscle wasting and increases strength 
  • HMB improves mobility & stability
  • Older adults require more protein in their diet and HMB supports better protein synthesis and muscular health
  • HMB helps people feel stronger and more energized