Tommy Townsend

Super Bowl Champion and All-Pro NFL Punter​

Tommy Townsend kicking football

Favorite Super flavor: Strawberry Basil Lemonade

His first introduction to HMB: 
My first introduction to HMB was to Nirvana as a brand. I was interested in the concept of ingesting my supplements in liquid form instead of taking pills - I don't like pills!  ​

What he loves about Nirvana Super’s HMB formulation: 
Now that I see the health benefits of HMB, I enjoy the idea of drinking my HMB to help maintain my muscle mass.​

“Nirvana Super™’s HMB-infused water has really helped me reduce recovery time, reduce muscle soreness and helps my overall muscle health.”​​
Tommy Townsend posing with Nirvana HMB

Meet Tommy Townsend: Pro Football Punter and NWS Investor

Pro football player, Nirvana Water Sciences investor, and now Super Bowl Punter are three things that described Tommy Townsend. While he's had arguably his best year of his career during the 2022-2...