NFL Legend Mike Alstott Values a Clean Routine in his Post-Football Life

Mike Alstott

Nirvana Water Sciences’ CEO, David Vanderveen, hosted Super Bowl XXXVII Champion and NFL All-Pro Fullback Mike Alstott on his podcast, Kickasspirational

Mike begins the conversation talking about his early passion for athletics, his journey to Purdue and ultimately the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and how showing up with the right attitude and work ethic allowed him to attack each transition he had to make. 

Mike then goes into stories from his time with the Buccaneers and the mentors and coaches who had an influence on him along the way. He walks David through winning the Super Bowl, and the long process that got his team there, building up the pieces and the leadership for years in advance, and overcoming adversity along the way. 

Mike and David then dive into Mike’s post-football lifestyle and routines. Mike states that he has never lost the mindset from his playing days and that has helped shape him in life after football. He discusses his workout and diet routines, how he eats clean and strives to stay healthy so he can look and feel great. He talks about his discovery and love of Nirvana Super™ products and how perfect the timing has been as he is now approaching 50 and prioritizes putting the best things in his body and has recently been cutting some weight.

Mike and David talk through the benefits of HMB for recovery, lean muscle mass, and feeling great overall.

They close out the discussion chatting about the philanthropic work Mike does, the different beneficiaries he helps, and his goal of putting smiles on kids’ faces.

A fun sit down with an NFL legend!


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