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Stephen Curry joins Nirvana Water Sciences as Newest Investor

Stephen Curry joins Nirvana Water Sciences as Newest Investor

Nirvana Water Sciences Corp., four-time NBA champion, two-time league MVP and 10-time NBA All-Star Stephen Curry and the parent company of his business endeavors, Thirty Ink, today announced a significant investment and strategic brand ambassador relationship making Curry a lead investor in the company's Nirvana Super Waters, Seltzers and their other wellness beverages.

Nirvana Super Waters and Seltzers are infused with a scientifically based super ingredient, HMB, which helps build and maintain lean muscle mass. HMB is naturally produced in the body when it metabolizes Leucine, an essential amino acid found in the body. MyHMB Clear, found in Nirvana Super wellness beverages, is the most effective HMB on the market and is shown to support elevating muscle performance, accelerate recovery and boost metabolism for overall well-being, all important elements of Stephen Curry's wellness routine as an elite professional athlete.

"I recently discovered the power of Nirvana Super and the incredible effects HMB has on my body reducing recovery time during the grind of my fifteenth NBA season," said new Nirvana Super investor and brand ambassador Stephen Curry.

"Adding Nirvana Super Waters into my wellness routine earlier this season helped me achieve my goal of making it through another grueling season. From the overall recovery benefits, I couldn't believe the positive effect it had on preparing me day in day out. I'm excited to join the Nirvana Super team and hope that my investment, and this brand ambassador announcement is a testament to my belief in Nirvana Super and the benefits of HMB for athletes of all levels and wellness-minded consumers."

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