the water source

At Nirvana, we consider ourselves conservators of the land and sustainability stewards.

Adirondack Mountain view from the lake

Located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Nirvana’s vertically integrated water bottling facility spans 1,700 acres of pristine wilderness and sits on top of two of the largest aquifers in the Northeast United States. The property has a virtually unlimited supply of highly sought after pure mountain spring water with five New York State certified springs and over twenty additional undeveloped springs.

Nirvana bottling facility

Vertically integrated manufacturing plant

Our unique spring water is not sourced, tanked or shipped to a separate bottling facility. It flows directly from our aquifers at a crisp 42° and is bottled on site into recycled plastic (rPET). Safeguarding our natural resources is an integral part of our corporate culture. To that end, we have made a commitment to sustainable business practices and environmentally friendly technologies.

Refresh with our Adirondack mountain spring water.