We’re Making A Big Splash with Clean Energy Initiatives.

It’s not just the groundbreaking science that sets us apart; it’s the water itself.

Adirondack Mountain view from the lake

In the heart of the majestic Adirondack Mountains lies a pocket of 1,700 acres of remote land where nature's purest spring water flows freely. This pristine landscape has withstood the test of time, surviving even the Ice Age. Here at Nirvana, we're more than just stewards of this remarkable land; we own the springs and meticulously control every aspect of our production process. As our water journeys toward the Black River, it stays cool and maintains its freshness free of harmful contaminants, guided by the wisdom of time and geology. Every drop of our aquifer-sourced spring water is a testament to nature's untouched brilliance.

Nirvana bottling facility

Local Sustainability Initiatives

Our commitment to our wilderness goes beyond water. We see it as a sanctuary we're dedicated to preserving. Collaborating with solar, hydro, and geo-thermal experts, we're striving for 99% clean energy self-sufficiency by harnessing solar, hydro, and geo-thermal power sources by 2029. As part of our sustainability efforts, we've allocated 300 acres of our land as a solar farm, generating clean power for our local community.

Crafting Conscious Bottles

But our dedication to sustainability doesn't end there. We take pride in producing our bottles on-site, ensuring each is created as needed. Our bottles are crafted from recycled plastic (rPET), a conscious choice that significantly reduces our carbon footprint and contributes to a healthier planet.

Refresh with our Adirondack Mountain spring water.