The Super Family is Now Complete!

Super Shots

We made refueling and recovery delicious with our spa-inspired waters and bubbly vibrant seltzers. Now we are making it easier for you to get your daily-dose of HMB in a compact and tasty 2 oz Nirvana Super™ Shot that can keep up with you on the go.

"The consumption of 3g of myHMB® Clear for 12 weeks increased lean body mass by 250% (7.3kg) and strength by 200% when compared to placebo and resistance training alone."    

-Wilson et al., 2014

Super shots are the go-to format for convenience. Mix them into your pre or post workout smoothie, pack them in your carry-on when you travel, or stuff them in your purse, backpack, or pocket for quick access.

We have formulated a Tropical and Citrus super shot for concentrated bursts of flavor and power!

Add to your HMB regimen today with Nirvana Super™ Shots!

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