Meet Tommy Townsend: Pro Football Punter and NWS Investor

Tommy Townsend posing with Nirvana HMB

The 2021-22 NFL season may feel like a distant memory, but one thing you probably do remember is how epic of a season Kansas City had. They may not have made it to the big game, but they did have a star amongst their midst, and that was none other than Nirvana Water Sciences athlete-investor, Tommy Townsend. Number 5 had a 47.2-yard average per punt last season and we’re confident that next season, that average will only go up. Our predictions were correct.  

We sat down with Tommy to gather some of his insights from the season, learn how he’s going to be spending his off-season, and how he sees Nirvana Water Sciences enhancing his game. 

Nirvana Water Sciences: Reflecting on last season, what is one thing you will do the same and one thing you'll do differently next season? 
Tommy Townsend: Reflecting on last season, one thing I'll do the same is to try and keep the same mental edge. Mental preparation is something that I worked really, really hard on last season. That's something I'm going to continue to work on and continue to try and build on, because in the NFL it's not only physical, but it's a very mental game. Any advantage that you can get is worth trying to get. And for me, I've seen a lot of positive feedback from really working on my mental edge. 
One thing I'll do differently next season is to try and stay strict on my diet. Late in the year it's really easy to cheat on your meals and not eat as clean as you really want to. Just to put calories in your body. This upcoming season I'm really going to work on variety, so I don't get tired of eating the same things and also stay clean with my diet. 

NFL Punters Tommy and Johnny Townsend in practice


NWS: What is it like playing in the NFL, in the same position as your brother, Johnny? 
TT: Playing in the NFL with my brother [Johnny] is really cool, but also playing the same position is something that is just incredible. It's not something that's very common in the NFL and for both of us to be at the same level and playing as partners is something that is super cool and I'll always cherish. And it's something that I also think gives us a great edge too, during the off season, we train together and we're always competing and pushing each other to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be, I think that that gives us a great advantage. 

NWS: When you're not training or playing football, what are some of your favorite things to do?
TT: When I'm not training or playing football, a couple of things that I love to do are play golf and go fishing. I think both of these things are great ways to get my mind off football. But they are also outdoors, I love being outdoors, and I think that's very relaxing and a great release for me to get outside and do something active other than football. 

Tommy Townsend of the Kansas City Chiefs before the game with a bottle of Nirvana


NWS: Almost every pre-game photo of you during the season, you can be seen carrying a bottle of Nirvana Select. How have Nirvana products enhanced your game and why did you choose to become an investor? 
TT: Nirvana products have really enhanced my game, not just on a day-to-day basis, but I am also seeing long-term results. On a day-to-day basis, something that's very easy for me to see results from is drinking the Nirvana Select. I think that's been huge with my hydration and been huge in replenishing electrolytes. And it's not something that I just drink every single day, it's something that I keep on the sidelines with me during games. 
I think having Nirvana Select on the sidelines with me has been huge in my hydration over these long NFL games spanning about four hours. But also, the Nirvana HMB water has been incredible over the long season. It's really easy for me to see results, looking back, just seeing the difference in my muscle health this season compared to last season. I've been a lot healthier; I've felt a lot fresher, my muscles have felt great. And the only difference from last season to this season is, what I've been putting in my body and what I've been putting in my body is the Nirvana HMB water, and it's really been a game changer for me. 
I chose to become an investor in Nirvana because I've seen results. I've seen results every day, I've seen results over long periods of time, and it's been so great for me to step back and see those results with the Nirvana Select, just being a huge day-to-day impact, keeping me hydrated, and the Nirvana HMB has just really kept my muscles healthy and in great shape over long periods of the season and also in training. 

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