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Brian Dawkins golfing

Meet Brian Dawkins: Philanthropist and NWS Brand Ambassador

From the field to the front office, Brian Dawkins has had an extensive career in professional football. Some his accomplishments include being inducted into the Pro Bowl Hall of Fame in 2018, having worn one of nine retired jerseys in the Philidelphia franchise history, and serving as an ESPN analyst. Outside of football, Brian is really passionate about holistic wellness and bringing these skills to underserved kids, families, and communities. We checked in with Brian to learn more about his career, his passions, and why he chose to represent Nirvana Water Sciences.   

Nirvana Water Sciences: What have been some of the biggest lessons you learned during your time playing professional football, both as a player and part of the front office?  

Brian Dawkins: One of the greatest things I believe that I learned as an executive and as a player on the field is how important it is for you to understand that you cannot do everything by yourself and that you need other people. Quality people, that is!!  
NWS: May is Mental Health Month. How do you incorporate self-care into your daily routine?  

BD: How do I put self-care into my daily routine? It starts off early in the morning. I pray (talk), I read, I meditate (listen), and I journal every morning. And within that meditation, I’m doing breathing exercises as well.  
At least once an hour throughout the day, I have a reminder on my phone to give thanks. That’s a moment of gratitude for me to change my state of mind, wherever I may find myself in those moments.  
I take time to look out at nature. From trees to clouds, I breathe and take in the goodness around me.  
At night I prepare for bed by listening to nature sounds or meditation music as I reflect on the day, read my Word & give thanks for lessons learned. Often, I write those blessed moments or lessons down in my journal.  
I constantly reflect over the things from that day, the different people I might have been blessed by, and the situations that might have blessed me. So, throughout the day, I have in my mind how I need to have mental awareness and cerebral health as an integral part of my blessed existence.  
NWS: Tell us about the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation.  

BD: The Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation is a foundation that was born because of the things that I saw in my neighborhood. Some of the individuals did not have fathers in the household with them. I was blessed to have mine.  
So, the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation is looking to bless those single parents with the resources and hope, not just hope as far as words of encouragement, but also the resources for them to go after a big dream in life, to go after life, and not just survive, but to thrive in life.  
And also from a mental health, I call it cerebral wellness, side of things as well to bless middle/high school-aged individuals with the skills and the toolset, if you will, of some of the things that they can do to help manage the things that life throws at you. How to recognize when you or a friend need help & how to go about getting said help.  

Brian Dawkins, founder of the Brian Dawkins Impact Fund with the Nirvana Water Sciences Team. 


NWS: Why did you decide to join Nirvana Water Sciences as an ambassador?  

BD: I decided to join Nirvana because, throughout my career, I have looked for ways to stay ahead of the curve, whatever it is. Sometimes it’s different exercises to do. Sometimes it was kickboxing. Sometimes it was MMA. I bought a hyperbaric chamber—IV therapy and supplements. There are various things that I did as a player to continue to stay ahead of the curve, so to speak, to continue to bless this body so that I can have it to bless me tomorrow. Someone told me earlier in my career that if you take care of your body now, it’ll bless you later. Right?  
Nirvana Water Sciences helps your body literally recuperate and recover with Nirvana HMB.  
Stay ahead by thinking and drinking ahead of the game. 

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