Nirvana Sponsors V Foundation's Wine Celebration Event

Nirvana Super™ Waters at V Foundation Event

Nirvana was a proud sponsor of this year’s V Foundation's Wine Celebration event,  and is honored to have hydrated and refueled the great doctors, scientists, philanthropists and network of Super humans that support The V's mission, to make strides in early stage cancer research and prevention. This year's 25th Wine Celebration had a record-breaking event weekend, raising $21 million! 100% of the proceeds will support cancer research focused on therapeutic resistance.

The V’s mission is close to our heart as Nirvana’s Medical Board Director, Dr. Naji Abumrad, has spent the majority of his career at Vanderbilt University developing and researching compounds (such as our Super ingredient HMB) and treatments that help optimize outcomes for his patients, including cancer patients. 

We look forward to continuing our support of this great organization and the patients they serve and fight for everyday! 

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