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The scientist. The visionary. The believer.

the scientist.

Early in his medical career, Dr. Naji Abumrad was exposed to the fatality caused by disease and trauma-related rapid muscle atrophy. What started as a curious young doctor's question of “why do our muscles atrophy so quickly after trauma”, became a 30+ year passion project dedicated to figuring out how to optimize medical outcomes by preserving muscle health and integrity. His discovery of HMB, a natural derivative of the essential amino acid, leucine, has proven to be at the core of protein synthesis and muscle wellness, one of the super ways that humans can recover from disease and trauma.

the visionary.

David Vanderveen found passion (and success) pioneering functional products to market. As the CEO of XS Energy, he released the first sugar-free energy drink that exploded into the hottest post-workout beverage across the world (60 countries) because of its proprietary essential amino acid blend, focused on protein synthesis, and great taste profile. After his success at XS and ItWorks!, he could have surfed into the sunset and focused on his Kickasspirational podcast, but Dr Naji Abumrad and HMB caught, and kept, his attention and he is now taking the EAA game to the next level.

the believer.

Kyle Lowry is a legend in the world of professional basketball -- NBA champion, All-Star team member, Olympian -- and, off the court, obsessed with maximizing physical and mental performance. At 37, he is still a leading force on the Miami Heat and has perfected his recovery and performance game. He was introduced to Nirvana Super™ in 2020 and was fascinated by what HMB did for his recovery routine. He is now a dedicated board member that can help commercialize products that truly optimize wellness.

Ageing is inevitable. Ageing gracefully starts with one sip of Nirvana Super™.

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