Johnny Townsend

SEC Record Holder and NFL Punter​

Johnny Townsend holding a football

Favorite Super flavor: Orange Peach

His first introduction to HMB: My first introduction to HMB was years ago when I was rehabbing an injury. I came across the benefits of the supplement and actively used it to prevent muscle degradation. ​​

What he loves about Nirvana Super’s HMB formulation: I love that I am able to consume all of the benefits within the HMB Super water while hydrating and enjoying the great flavors. ​

I was originally drawn to the brand because of how revolutionary the product is- with its water-soluble HMB infused water. It is a big part of my recovery and development as a professional athlete.
Tommy and Johnny Townsend

The Johnny Towsend Foundation Hydrates with Nirvana Super™ at Spring Game Event

Nirvana athlete affiliate and investor, Johnny Townsend, has been as active off the football field as he has been on it throughout his career. His largest undertaking, the Johnny Townsend Foundatio...