Jamie Gillian

4 Year NFL Punter​

Jamie Gillian drinking Nirvana Super

Favorite Super flavor: Orange Peach

His first introduction to HMB: 
Two years ago I found Nirvana when looking for products to enhance my performance as an athlete.​  ​

What he loves about Nirvana Super’s HMB formulation: 
I like what the HMB does for my body, especially during long days at the field or in the gym.​

Life is definitely a lot better now that I’ve experienced Nirvana Super™. The number one benefit for me is eliminating muscle soreness. That then allows you to go harder the next day. You wake up in the morning after a hard session and you can still feel your legs. It’s a great supplement to use.
Jamie Gillian walking to the football field

About Jamie

Jamie Gillian made his way to the United States due to his dad, a member of the Royal Air Force, being stationed in Maryland. Before finding his way into American football in high school, Jamie honed his skills as a rugby player. His offer to play football at Arkansas at Pine Bluff came in an unusual way--through Facebook. He punted for the HSBU for four years before being drafted to play professionally in 2019.

• Jamie became an American Football Punter in high school after growing up playing Rugby
• He was drafted in 2019

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