SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell is on a Mission to Help Improve Human Performance

John Wayne Troxell
SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell served over 37 years in the United States Military and is now on a mission to bring physical, mental, and emotional skills and strategies to military members and everyday people through his consulting company and now his book, Surrender or Die!.
Nirvana’s CEO, David Vanderveen, had the pleasure of hosting the military consultant and Nirvana Ambassador on his podcast, Kick Asspirational.
Troxell discusses the work he has started with his company, PME Hard Consulting, providing solutions for overall better human performance. PME Hard helps with strategies to improve fitness, nutrition, leadership, and more in order to optimize organizational excellence, whether it be on the battlefield, in business, or just within your family unit. Troxell emphasizes the need to reach peak operating capability in order to be prepared to face the worst possible conditions life can present.
Troxell recounts stories from his many tours and times in duty and goes into depth on the importance of behavioral health and self-awareness skills. He discusses the need for mental and emotional training within the military and in life, in particular for soldiers who are “crossing over” into their routines at home after battle.
In addition, Troxell gives an overview of his new memoir, Surrender or Die!. The book covers his life story, going from being a day dreamer to his illustrious military career. He covers challenges in battle and with PTSD. He emphasizes the value of inspirational themes and messages for troops to keep them motivated and how to overcome interference with personal or family goals. Metaphorically, our threats can “surrender or die!”
They finish the conversation with a discussion on nutrition. During his military career, Troxell identified a concern with poor nutrition and a lack of focus on functional fitness within the military. He is now focused on getting “better for you” products that lead to better performance (such as Nirvana Super™) into commissaries and exchanges.
Listen in to a passionate conversation with an inspiring individual.
Listen in to John Troxell's Kickasspirational podcast.

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