Retired NFL star, Donte Whitner, has found a new passion in his post playing years.

Donte Whitner Expo West

Nirvana Water Sciences’ CEO, David Vanderveen, hosted Nirvana Athlete Ambassador, former NFL strong safety and 3x pro bowl selection, Donte Whitner, on his podcast, Kickasspirational.

During their conversation, Whitner recounts discovering during his playing years that he knew nothing about his finances or how his financial team was supposedly helping him take advantage of the money he was making during his NFL Career.

This led to a desire to be educated, and ultimately to educate. Whitner developed a passion for helping athletes preserve their money, understand their finances, and make smart investment and financial decisions. He found great synergy between being a professional athlete and financial planning.

Now, Whitner educates athletes so they don’t run into the same situation he found himself in during his career. “It’s about educating yourself and putting the right people in your corner.”

Whitner goes on to discuss how Nirvana fits into his daily routine both physically and spiritually. Not only does he believe Nirvana leads to better workouts, results, and improved recovery and energy, but he also believes it leads to more enlightenment through spirituality. He finds Nirvana aligns with his lifestyle.

Learn more about Donte’s career, his financial advice and his spirituality on his Kickasspirational podcast.

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