Nirvana Water Sciences Partners With Wanderlust To Present 108 Brooklyn

Nirvana Water Sciences Partners With Wanderlust
Nirvana Water Sciences Corp is delighted to be a partnering with Wanderlust to bring Wanderlust 108 to Brooklyn, New York on Sunday, September 12.

The only company with clinically proven muscle wellness in bottled water, Nirvana is presenting the fitness session of a day filled with movement, mindfulness and conscious community. Its Nirvana HMB spring water is the official water of this live Brooklyn festival, as well as Wanderlust’s online True North series.

Infused with my myHMB® Clear, Nirvana HMB bottled spring water naturally supports muscle wellness and is part of the daily practice of active individuals living longer by living stronger.

“Over two decades of research and 90 clinical trials haven proven that HMB enhances athletic performance, boosts muscle performance and reduces muscle recovery time. This makes Nirvana HMB spring water the perfect hydration for individuals concerned with muscle wellness” advises Scott Narins, Nirvana’s Chief Executive Officer.

For over a decade, Wanderlust has served a vibrant, active global community of individuals passionate about finding their best selves. “Nirvana’s focus on wellness speaks directly to the heart of the community we serve” says Sean Hoess, Chief Executive Officer of Wanderlust.

It’s not just wellness on which Nirvana and Wanderlust share values. Nirvana’s commitment to sustainability is a function of its true north. Located on 1,700 acres of protected wilderness in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Nirvana’s water flows from five fresh water springs and is bottled on-site, untouched by human hands. Nirvana’s water is not sourced, tanked or shipped, nor are its bottles.

Nirvana has developed an efficient bottle made from recycled PET it manufactures on-site resulting in the use of less plastic, less waste and more peace of mind. It is part of Nirvana’s state-of-the-art single source eco-friendly process.

Nirvana will have an extensive onsite presence at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn and will have chilled Nirvana HMB and its Select electrolyte infused spring water available at no charge for all event participants.

Nirvana’s recycling program at 108 Brooklyn will ensure that each of its bottles is thoughtfully recycled.

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