Nirvana Water Sciences Cycles Into Sea Otter Classic With Muscle Wellness Water

Nirvana Water Sciences and Sea Otter Classic
Nirvana Water Sciences Corp welcomes the opportunity to introduce its proprietary muscle wellness infused functional bottled spring water to the participants of Sea Otter Classic, the world’s premier cycling festival, in Monterey, California October 7-10, 2021.

Nirvana was founded on the principle of living longer by living stronger™ and is driven by the desire to improve the quality of life by enhancing the body’s performance. This underlying premise complements that of Sea Otter Classic whose mission is to make people’s lives better through participation in sports and recreation, and the celebration of an active outdoor lifestyle.

The four-day, action packed cycling festival features a full schedule of competitive and non-competitive cycling events. Nirvana will host an extensive interactive on-site exhibition area to educate the anticipated 50,000 event participants about the significant muscle wellness benefits of its signature spring water, Nirvana HMB.

“Extreme sports require extreme recovery, which is where Nirvana HMB shreds all other waters and provides muscle recovery in every sip” reports cycling enthusiast and Nirvana’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ernie Manansala. Infused with myHMB® Clear, the patented water soluble form of β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate is licensed exclusively to Nirvana.

HMB is a natural substance in the body that supports muscle wellness. Over two decades of research and 90 clinical trials have proven its efficacy to:

  • Enhance Athletic Performance
  • Boost Muscle Performance
  • Reduce Muscle Recovery Time
  • Slow Muscle Degradation

“With Nirvana HMB, you can spend more time in the saddle, and less time recovering” continued Manansala.

It’s not just wellness on which the two companies share values. Nirvana’s commitment to sustainability supports two decades of Sea Otter Classic’s environmental efforts.

Located on 1,700 acres of pristine wilderness, Nirvana has developed an efficient bottle made from recycled PET it manufactures on-site resulting in the use of less plastic, less waste and more peace of mind. It is just a part of Nirvana’s state-of-the-art single source eco-friendly process.

Nirvana will offer complimentary chilled Nirvana HMB spring water to all Sea Otter Classic participants. Visit Booth P95 to get yours.

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