Delicious spring water from a rare source

spring water from a rare source
As our fans remind us time and again, the taste of Nirvana spring water is truly distinct and refreshing.

We attribute this to Nirvana’s extraordinary source — two ice age aquifers here at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains deep underground on our 1,700 acres.

They are two geological phenomena roaring with water from the melted lake-effect snow of the nearby Tug Hill Plateau. As the water flows on its own through these aquifers and to five natural springs, we bottle it on the spot in a single-source process that leaves it untouched by human hands, keeping it fresh and delicious.

Because of this rare and powerful source and our eco-friendly methods, we are able to produce an abundant supply of Nirvana water every day. Every drop comes from these five natural Adirondack springs and every sip has Nirvana’s unique and delicious taste.

the best tasting water on earth.

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