5 Things to do in the Adirondacks this Spring

Landscape image of the Adirondack Mountains

Maybe you haven’t heard of the Adirondacks, a mountain range, park, and National Historic Landmark in upstate New York, but there is a good chance that you’ve heard of Lake Placid. Lake Placid is a village in the Adirondack Mountains and probably most well known as the home of the Olympic Training Center where some of the most elite winter sport athletes train to represent the United States on the world stage. Perhaps there is something in the water?

We can’t speak for certain, but it seems to be more than a coincidence! Home to the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980, one of four cities to host the Winter Olympics multiple years. Elite athlete or not, the Adirondacks provides a beautiful backdrop for multiple sport and fitness disciplines all year long. Now that Winter is behind us, and Spring is here, we give you 5 things to do this Spring in the Adirondacks.

Hike—with 46 peaks and roughly 2000 miles of trails, hikers of all abilities can find a trail for them in the Adirondacks. Check out the official Visit Adirondacks website for a map of hiking trails and tips for you and your loved ones to have a great time exploring.

Bike—if you prefer to engage in activities with a little more speed, you have the option of both road cycling and mountain biking in the Adirondacks. Especially if you’re looking to get some road cycling in, here’s a list to help you be prepared for the long haul. If mountain biking seems more appealing to you, the Adirondacks is the perfect place to ride from beginner to advanced.

Paddle—if you’ve got a craving to get out on the water, the Adirondacks is home to more than 3,000 lakes and ponds, plus 25,000 miles of rivers and streams to help curb that craving. Kayaking, Canoeing, or Stand-Up Paddleboarding give you and your loved ones plenty of options to enjoy the pristine wilderness that makes up the Adirondack Park.

Climb—the Adirondack mountains span six million acres of mostly granite rock. While we don’t know the precise number, we can only guess that means a lot of faces, crags and more ready to be climbed! A known destination to climbers, the remote area home to some legendary routes.

Whitewater Rafting—for the adrenaline junkies, with over 1,500 miles of rivers, the Adirondacks are the perfect place to try some whitewater rafting. And spring happens to be the best time to go due to the snow melt creating some epic rapids.

Whether you choose a land or water activity to soak in everything the Adirondacks has to offer, you cannot go wrong. One thing is for certain, pairing your Spring fitness adventures with a bottle of Nirvana Super™ Adirondack-sourced water, will keep you going wherever they take you.

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