Meet Pharaoh Brown: Houston Tight End and NWS Investor

NFL Tight End Pharaoh Brown holding a bottle of Nirvana Select.

Houston tight end Pharaoh Brown is a force on the field, but he has not gotten to this level of success without overcoming adversity. The former Oregon Duck was forced to sit out an entire season battling a leg injury that he was told could potentially end his career.

However, now nearly eight years later, he is still playing strong in the NFL, and is having more success on the field than ever.

NFL Tight End Pharaoh Brown holding a bottle of Nirvana Select.

In addition to playing football, raising a family, and giving back to kids in need, Pharaoh is also one of our awesome athlete-investors. We are delighted he is part of the Nirvana Water Sciences team, carrying our message of muscle wellness.

Nirvana Water Sciences: In your opinion, what sets Nirvana Water Sciences apart from other beverage brands?

Pharaoh Brown: One thing I think really sets Nirvana Water Sciences apart is science. A lot of brands make promises that their product will work and that you will see better results. But with Nirvana, the science behind the products has been proven over time and has been confirmed through decades of research and almost a hundred scientific tests and trials. The muscle wellness benefits of HMB are not promises, they are facts. I have felt the benefits from drinking Nirvana HMB spring water myself. Now that it is available in store coolers across the U.S., everybody will be able to take advantage of these benefits. Facts, not promises. That is what sets Nirvana apart from any other brand.

NWS: You tore two ligaments in your knee in 2014, causing you to miss the 2015 season. How did your mindset and your love of the game help you heal?

PB: When I got injured in 2014, I think what really helped me heal was the fact that everybody said I couldn’t come back. I’ve always had an underdog mentality, to overcome things and beat the odds. I think that’s what helped me. The adversity actually motivated me. Doctors and others saying I was done, that I could not recover, that I could not do it. In my mind, I knew I was going to go out and show them that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I know it’s cliche, but that’s literally what I did.

NFL Tight End Pharaoh Brown doing agility drills during football practice.

NWS: What is your best football related memory?

PB: My best memories in football would probably be all the bonding during team activities from my college days. I really enjoyed my time at the University of Oregon. We played in a lot of big-time games, and had a ball, but it’s not just games I remember. It was in the locker room and off the field I treasure most – the friendships that I gained during that time are what I consider to be the best memories of football.

NWS: How has your family contributed to your journey and your success in the NFL?

PB: My wife and my kids support me so much. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now without my family. It’s all the tasks my wife takes on, supporting me, taking care of the house, all the things that help me get to Sunday so I can perform in a stress-free environment. She’s a rockstar for everything she does and endures throughout the season. Having two kids and being able to manage all of that is quite amazing. I wouldn’t be able to go out and perform every week without her.

NWS: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

PB: My favorite holiday tradition is giving back to the community. I always do something surrounding children, whether it be foster kids or kids that won’t get to have a Christmas due to their particular circumstances. We always go and get them gifts, take them Christmas shopping, and do other community outreach initiatives. That’s the best tradition and the thing I like doing most during the holidays. Just seeing the smiles on those kids’ faces. Words can’t really explain it, it’s very humbling.

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